Deutsche Alternative Charts – Die Jahrescharts 2004

Deutsche Alternative Charts – Jahrescharts 2004
1 Depeche Mode
Enjoy The Silence 04 Mute
2 Oomph!
Augen Auf! Super Sonic
3 The Retrosic
God Of Hell – DJ Edition Tribune
4 Ministry
No “W” Mayan
5 :Wumpscut:
DJ Dwarf Four – Bone Peeler Betonkopf Media
6 Seabound
Poisonous Friend E.P. Dependent
7 Placebo
Twenty Years Elevator
8 Diary Of Dreams
Giftraum Accession
9 Placebo
English Summer Rain Elevator
10 Front Line Assembly
Vanished E.P. Synthetic Symphony
11 Hocico
Born To Be (Hated) Out Of Line
12 Suicide Commando
Cause Of Death: Suicide Dependent
13 Morrissey
Irish Blood, English Heart Attack
14 Assemblage 23
Let The Wind Erase Me Accession
15 Rammstein
Mein Teil Universal
16 Neuroticfish
Bomb Strange Ways
17 Placebo
Running Up That Hill Elevator
18 Schiller Mit Heppner
Leben… I Feel You Island
19 Warren Suicide
Warren Suicide Leiternfabrik
20 Marilyn Manson
Personal Jesus Interscope