DJ Propaganda HotShots

Die DJ Prop HotShots sind vierzehntägig aktuelle und brandneue Vinyl-Charts, ausgesucht von bis zu 50 der wichtigsten DJs der deutschen Szene und damit wegweisend dafür was als nächstes in den großen Clubs gespielt wird.


Stand: 44/2007
1 Paul Van Dyk feat. RAE
Let Go (Universal)
Trance DJ-No.1 in the world comes back with the great voice of RAE (Raemon).
2 Kylie
2 Hearts (EMI)
The one and only Kylie! Alan Braxe, Paul Harris and Mark Brown freshed it up for the clubs.
3 The Droyds
All I Ever Wanted (Rebirth)
The Droyds are Richard Norris and Andy Chatterley. Massive remixes by Dusty Kid, Robytek, Outmode. Gets already support by Erol Alkan, Freeform Five, Hell and Tiga.
4 Mel Merio
Domino Dancing (Klein Records)
Christopher Just did a very powerfull cover of Pet Shop Boys “Domino Dancing”.
5 Sharam Jey
Message To Love (King Kong)
Fresh remixes for this club stomper by The Glimmers, Kaos and Alex Metric.
6 Rove Dogs
Golden Bug – Radio SSG (Silicon Square Garden)
Another secret weapon straigt from france.
7 Einmusik
De’ Medici (Italic)
This is the teaser for his first solo album. Know for best floor reactions with the “Jittery Heritage“ he continues with another hit.
8 Armin Prayd
Jokuvamana (Synthetic Records)
This double track EP turns out to a massive club hit. Stereofreak did two remixes.
9 Yelle
A Cause Des Carcons (Kitsuné)
TEPR has just released a single on Wall of Sound and he’s back with a thrilling remix. While Punks Jump Up is adding all the pop vibe the song needs. Riot In Belgium in their odd style. Frensh rocks!
10 Fairmont
Flight of The Albatross (Border Community)
The first single taken from his highly anticipated album for Border Community.
Compiled by DJ-Propaganda with the help of: Goldfish & Der Dulz, Dub Deluxe, Michael Sauer, Mellow D, Stachy, Sebbo Suckfüll, Michael Reinboth, Digitalism, Ian Pooley, Matthias Tanzmann, DJ Linus, Pelle Buys, Mathias Schaffhäuser, Daniel Stefanik, Ralf Gum, Good Groove, DJ Pierre, Tube & Berger, Meat, Kiki, Dirt Crew, Tatana, Jay Frog, Nudisco, Rainer Trüby, Wollion, Kaiser Souzai, Rainer Weichhold, Tocadisco, Thomas Breu, Plastik Funk, Tom Wax, Boris Dlugosch