DaneB’s Nighshift – Playlist

Stand: 07/2006
1 An-2
Summer Sunset Systematic
2 An-2
Midnight Radio mood music
3 Vincenzo
The Rising Winding Road
4 Only Freak
Can‘t get away Freerange
5 Freeform Five
No more Conversation (Mylo) Fine
6 Les Visiteurs
Time slide by (Pozsgay) Systematic
7 Depeche Mode
A Pain (Lu Cont) Mute
8 Goldfrapp
Number One (Braxe) Mute
9 Tiga
You gonna want me (Dahlbäck) Pias
10 Kool Uncle
Big and dirty Drums White
11 Les Visiteurs
Pharrels Acid Drop White
12 Thomas Anderson
Washing up (Tiga) BPitch